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LUANG PRABANG Deaf and Dumb Center

The Deaf and Dumb Center is one of three specialized centers in Laos. It welcomes children with muteness and/or deafness, and offers them an environment conducive to their awakening and development.

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The Center for the Deaf and Dumb in Luang Prabang was created in 2006 by Sister Marie Catherine. It is now directed and maintained by five Sisters of Charity of Sainte Antide de Thouret. 

This center is a school that welcomes young children. Children who go through school learn to write and speak in sign language. The school gives them the means to express themselves, and therefore to integrate more easily into a group of friends and a community. It provides them with a caring environment that many children with disabilities in Laos lack. The school also teaches computer skills, English and many other useful subjects for a professional future.

The center also aims to integrate young people after school and includes, in addition to the school, a home for young girls. The home provides training in weaving looms. The young girls then produce handicrafts which are sold in the small shop in the centre. When young people leave the center around the age of nineteen, they are then able to fend for themselves and succeed. 

Peoplees et Montagnes du Mékong supports the Deaf and Dumb Center and its actions in favor of children.

During our medical training, our volunteer doctors come to the center to offer complete health checks to young students. But our support doesn't stop there.

During our solidarity trip in 2018, we participated in the construction of a bicycle garage for children. We mostly have it finance. We were also able to finance a trainer in the mechanics trades for the duration of a year. This garage is a new tool for the integration of young people: they learn mechanics there, and can thus train for the profession of mechanic.

Finally, each year we send a volunteer in civic service to help the sisters at the center. These volunteers work closely with the children by offering many activities. You can discover the testimony of a former volunteer inclick here. These volunteers make it possible to establish a constant link between the association and the center and testifying to PEMM's desire to act in a sustainable way on this issue of disability.

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The problem of disability is a social issue that is still too little discussed in Laos. The existence and activity of the center make it possible to give these young people every opportunity to integrate socially and professionally.. This support for the Deaf and Dumb Center is complementary to our medical training. The challenge is to manage to raise awareness of these forms of disability (deafness, dumbness, autism), to ensure better follow-up of patients and give the youngest a chance to integrate better into the society.

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