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Civic service


Civic Service is a voluntary commitment to serve the general interest, open to all young people aged 16 to 25, extended up to 30 years for young people with disabilities.

Peoples and Mountains of the Mekong gives a chance to 3 volunteers per year: two volunteers in Laos and one volunteer in Saint-Étienne.

Do you want to become a volunteer?

In all respects, having been a volunteer in Civic Service with PEMM in Laos was an experience that allowed me to gain in maturity, perspective, and open-mindedness, from which I came out grown and fulfilled.



🌍✨ Nous sommes ravis d'accueillir nos nouveaux volontaires en service civique au sein de l'Association Peuples en Montagne du Mékong !

Regardez la vidéo pour en savoir plus sur nos incroyables volontaires et leurs motivations. 💪🏞️

Discover the mission reports of former volunteers:

Rapport de Anouk (2023)

Quentin's report


Celine Report (2018)

Adeline's report (2017)

Rapport de Maïwen


Rapport de Claire (2023)

Mylène's report (2022)

Camille's report (2021)

Delphine's report (2020)

Clementine's report (2019)

Lea's report (2018)

Perrine report (2018)

Alex's Report (2016)

Élodie's Report (2016)

Rapport de Justine (2023)

Iris Report


Benjamin's report (2018)

Camille's report (2018)

Charlie's Report (2015)

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