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Solidarity trips

We organize solidarity trips in Northern Laos which are rich in encounters, sharing and friendships. Our proposals are outside the usual circuits and remain within everyone's reach. You will meet the minority ethnic groups (Hmong, Khamu, Akha) and you will appreciate their sense of hospitality, their way of life and all the richness of their culture. You will also visit our various sites and meet the beneficiaries.

This program is rich in encounters of all kinds. From LUANG PRABANG to the HMONG and KHAMU villages, we will follow the flow of the NAM OU and we will share together the richness and diversity of North Laos, its culture and its inhabitants. This trip takes place within the framework of our association, the program remains modifiable according to the wishes of the participants and the meetings.

For reasons related to the Covid, no trip could be organized in 2020 and 2021, but we do plan to make the 2022 trip around the All Saints' Day period.

These trips including the possibility of a “solidarity reduction” can both significantly reduce the cost of your trip while also allowing us to finance part of our medical missions. This trip takes place exclusively within the framework of the activities of the association, it is essential to be a member. Cost of membership: €30.

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