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Chom Ong Waterworks

  The CHOM ONG site is officially completed on Saturday February 26, 2022 with the inauguration of the network in the presence of local authorities and representatives of the district, the province and the health department.

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The commune of CHOM ONG is located in the province of OUDOMXAY in the North of Laos. In a rural area and with 920 inhabitants from the Khmu ethnic group, the commune is made up of the main village called CHOM ONG and three other outlying villages. It is located on a track, about an hour and a half from the main road that connects OUDOMXAY to the town of NAMOR near the Chinese border.


The situation in CHOM ONG was alarming: the village no longer had running water and the village's water supply points were dry. The river was no more than a weak stream and it was stagnant water brought back by very young girls with their buckets. Major earthworks a few kilometers from the village have cut off the water network and deprived it of all possibility for several months. 

Government representatives, CHOM ONG teachers, nurses and the village committee were the first to request the repair of the network and the construction of the cistern at the school. Following the expression of these requests, we carried out this new water supply project with the NAM SAAT and the local authorities. Started in October 2021, the site had to stop very quickly because of a nationally decreed confinement. This cut caused a delay in the construction site, which was finally completed at the end of January.

Water is now delivered to 175 different locations in CHOM ONG. The first phase of this project is therefore completed, the inhabitants finally benefit from a water supply network in the four villages of CHOM ONG.

Our partnerAsian childrenis for its part about to launch the construction of two dormitories for the children of the school.

Our presence in this village will continue. First of all in order to respect the second part of our initial project: to raise awareness and support the population in training in water management and good hygienic practices. The objective is twofold: to provide clean water for consumption and to establish medical practices to improve the health of the inhabitants. And in order to best meet this objective, we have taken the decision to launch additional work in the CHOM ONG dispensary. It will be a question of tiling the floor of the dispensary to make it easier to clean the delivery and rest room.

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We would like to thank our donors who have supported us in this project. Thanks to the Micro-Project Agency, aux Grands Eaux de Lyon, at Lyon Metropolis, at the Kiwanis of Saint-Étienne.

Thank you also to all our generous donors who participated in the fundraising campaign.

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