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Water supply in Sibounhuaeng

Approximately two hours by road from HOUN, the village of SIBOUNHUAENG has a rustic dispensary that is precariously equipped with medical equipment. Located on a muddy ground and strewn with waste, it consists of a few rooms, including a consultation room, a delivery room and a 2-bed room for inpatient care. Despite the modest nature of its facilities, it is nevertheless supposed to provide primary medical care to the inhabitants of 8 surrounding villages which represent a population estimated locally at 10,157 inhabitants.

The remoteness of these villages from the Hospital, the rugged topography and the failing means of communication mean that the population has no other recourse, both for daily medical needs (eg deliveries, treatments to be followed regularly) only in the event of an emergency (eg accidents) than to go to this dispensary.

Unfortunately, the dispensary did not have a water supply system. If needed, water had to be brought in buckets “on the back of a man” from a distance of several hundred meters. The water brought in was unsuitable for drinking and medical use. This is why Peoples and Mountains of the Mekong carried out this water supply project at the dispensary. A cistern now feeds it.

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