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Water supply in Ano

The ANO Health Center did not have access to water to perform primary health care. Patients had to fetch water with buckets. As part of our prevention and health education policy, we wanted to participate in the construction of a cistern that could provide this dispensary with sufficient drinking water for its care activities and thus prevent the development of waterborne diseases.
The Micro Projects agency granted us a grant of €5,136 for the construction of the cistern.

The site having been the subject of an agreement with the competent services of the Province of OUDOMXAY, has not suffered any delay and has not been the subject of any particular problem. The work proceeded in accordance with the established plan, including the improvements mentioned in the interim report.
The cistern has a capacity of 3600 liters. It serves the delivery room, the dispensary kitchen and the toilets. During our assessment visit on November 8, we requested the replacement of a pipe that leads to the sink in the delivery room in order to increase the pressure and the replacement of the waste pipe.
The use of water in this dispensary constitutes a remarkable advance in the exercise of the care provided by health personnel to patients. For the first time, these personnel will have direct access to water without having to fetch water with buckets, mainly carried out by families.
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